Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's been a lot since I wrote something here. But don't worry, clearly I haven't died... yet. And I don't plan to do so anytime near, no. But things have been sooooo busy that I find it amazing that I'm still standing.
Before I forget about it, YES! I redesigned my blog, it's quite awesome like this now, I think it fits my mood and current situation. What is it? I guess love and stability, or at least some kind of calmness, even if it isn't for the whole time. Life has gone through a lot of redesigning as well, and I think it's still on that process.
I like this twist life has taken and how it's developing. There's lots of work, diversity on it, something that seems to be working out with the rest of my activities, and even having more social life. But it's all so tiring too! Kind of hard to keep up with everything, and I think I'm not getting enough sleep, but that's been a constant so maybe I shouldn't be so worried about it. It seems that I lost contact with a dear friend who helped me to get my actual job and triggered all this good stuff happening to me right now. I really don't know how I should feel about everything.
In the past I wrote about making decisions, sacrificing something here and there, forget about a dream for a little while... And I'm well aware of the consequences, gains and loses of that, I've had to make lots of decisions, but gee, some hurt so much. This confused brain of mine can't still figure out if this is the right path, if this was really meant to happen, if this is one of those tests and obstacles or all of the above. I just think I owe a lot to my friend, but maybe, just maybe, he's not seeing it the same way right now. I don't think I should forget about him, or put him aside for now... but maybe I have to. I'm only sure that I'm not sure about it.
Are bad things supposed to happen to get the good things too? Is it true that karma has to be equilibrated? Well, I don't even have enough time right now to think more about all this. And I still like so much my job and that it makes me tired like this... I should be crazy... Ok, I am, you already knew that.
Anyhow, the cherry on top is a sweet love, and just like this fruit, it's intense, sweet, alluring and energizing. Nice fuel to keep all this trip ongoing, right? I just hope it's enough for, let's say, a trip across at least two countries. I know it will, and at least I'm sure about something!
Redesigning is going to take a lot more of time, it seems, so I can get something close to my utmost desires. Or what do you think?

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