Friday, April 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions

So here I am, sitting not in front of my computer, totally bored, hungry, hot, and a little bit depressed.
Isn't it always a dilemma when you want to do something and in order to get it you must resign to what you really really want to do? I mean, we always have a major dream in our minds, it grows up with time, we take small steps to get to it during a fair amount of time, we may even, preferably, choose a professional career related to that dream, so we can get there kind of easier and faster. But then the oh, so cruel reality, shows us we may not be fit for that, or maybe it's just that we haven't fought enough yet.
But still there must be a way... how to start to get to it? It may be as simple as... forget about your dream.


Yes, but probably it's just a temporary course of action. It's so hard to get there... but the only way is the hard way, or at least for most of us. I wish we all could be born in a gifted craddle, have an easy life, get all the commodities we may need. But the truth is we just can't.
Aaah, why do we have to start getting the worst jobs ever? I know of someone who just pulls snow off the roads during the winter, by hand and plow, on his own feet sinking down the cold snow, getting freezing cold, but if he didn't do that he'd certainly starve, and it's not like that's exactly what happened to him during a short period. My sister says she didn't go to a prestiged University to start working serving coffee to the bosses and answering the phones, so... she doesn't work at all. But is that a really bad thing? I think that maybe putting your health in risk isn't just the best idea. And I also think that starving shouldn't happen. And what about the people picking up the trash?, or the ones who clasify it?, or many many other jobs someone has to do, and even if it looks like a bad job, it pays.
Dreams oftenly seem to be unreachable, some other times it looks like they're the best we can do, and so we should just walk to them without blinking. But then again, there must be some kind of sacrifice on the way.
Why is it always so difficult to see clearly what we want, and hence, so difficult to decide what to do to accomplish a life's dream? I don't know, for sure. I only know that right now I want to keep on trying, hard or not, to trip and learn so I can one day reach one of those goals I've set myself through my now not-so-short life.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Internets Ppls

Hello there, this is my first post and I'm happy about it, though also a bit scared and worried about how often I'll be able to update this.

So, this is me, a chronical worrier, a seeker of happiness, a crazy mexican who doesn't really use her own language for posting. I don't care about that, more friends will be able to read my chunks of mind, and those who can't should already learn english! GO GO GO!

Why "Eternal Dichotomy"? Because I say so, and because that's how I always feel, like there's always opposite pros or cons to everything. To get out the best of life you have to know it's dark side too, always consider all the "good" and "bad" sides. They always live together, mixed up, sometimes a bit hidden, and always causing mind troubles. This could be a nice explanation of the Ying-yang too. 

So maybe you will like this, maybe you won't, maybe you'll laugh at me and my crazed writing and random brainstorming interrupted by passing by shiny things. Ah, who knows, maybe I can even make some awesome drawings and illustrate something sometime (I really doubt so, I'm not good at hand drawing).

:D Welcome to my world!