Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Internets Ppls

Hello there, this is my first post and I'm happy about it, though also a bit scared and worried about how often I'll be able to update this.

So, this is me, a chronical worrier, a seeker of happiness, a crazy mexican who doesn't really use her own language for posting. I don't care about that, more friends will be able to read my chunks of mind, and those who can't should already learn english! GO GO GO!

Why "Eternal Dichotomy"? Because I say so, and because that's how I always feel, like there's always opposite pros or cons to everything. To get out the best of life you have to know it's dark side too, always consider all the "good" and "bad" sides. They always live together, mixed up, sometimes a bit hidden, and always causing mind troubles. This could be a nice explanation of the Ying-yang too. 

So maybe you will like this, maybe you won't, maybe you'll laugh at me and my crazed writing and random brainstorming interrupted by passing by shiny things. Ah, who knows, maybe I can even make some awesome drawings and illustrate something sometime (I really doubt so, I'm not good at hand drawing).

:D Welcome to my world!

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